Monday, February 27, 2012

FREE Magical Crystal Soil Water Beads (Purple) + NO credit card required

To get FREE Magical Crystal Soil Water Beads Flower Plant Purple Color click “Add to cart” and then checkout. NO credit card needed. FREE SHIPPING worldwide
Limited to 1 free offer per IP address.

Product description (wording, their own):

It’s very Wonderful for House, Office, Restaurants, Garden, Wedding decorations, Parties, Events, Pubs and Clubs, Conferences, Everywhere for Plant Place!
Forget about heavy decorative glass stones, marbles, or pebbles! It’s very Lightweight, easy to Transport, Many colors for choose, endless. It can be used as filler for clear vases, bowls or pots. Can also be used for decoration to complement flower arrangements and candle centerpieces.  The Magical Crystal Mud Soil is colorful and becoming a new hot trend of home decoration, crafts and hobbies. It can be widely used in floral craft - growing your flowers without pouring water for a long time,Save Time and Save Water. Also, it can be a nice home decorative item by putting the multi-color crystal mud into transparent glass container. 
Warning:It non-toxic, no pollution, and smell free. But for your own safety, make sure that keep it out of children. It can’t be eaten! Just only for decoration. 

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